How does Windows Defender set up a whitelist? Recently there are many win10 users reflect, sometimes some files will be Win10 comes with Windows Defender security antivirus software automatically deleted or blocked, if you want to avoid this aspect, you can choose to close Windows Defender or set the whitelist. The following detailed description of the Windows Defender whitelist setting method, the steps are as follows.

The first step: from the lower left corner of Win10 start menu, open the “Settings”, you can directly press the Win + I shortcut to open the settings interface.

Step 2: Open Win10 settings, continue to click to open the “update and security” settings

Step 3: Continue to click on the left side of Windows Defender, click on the right side of the “Add exclusions”, select the file to exclude killing

Step 4: Next we can choose to exclude a single file or the entire trusted folder as needed. After selecting the folder to add the blacklist, the automatic security software will not scan and intercept.

It is worth mentioning that, Windows Defender whitelist also supports. Exe, .com,. Scr type of file