We often install a lot of similar programs in the computer, such as browsers, players, etc. In this case, we usually need to set a favorite program as the default program to facilitate the opening of certain files, enable yourself Like the program as the default program. In XP, Win7 and Win8 system, the user can set the default program, a new generation of Win10 the same, the following computer details are about Win10 default program settings tutorial.

1. First in the Win10 Start menu, right mouse button, in the pop-up menu, click into the “Control Panel”

2. Open Win10 control panel center, and then click into the “program”

3. In the program settings, you can find the “set the default program” option, click to enter

4. Finally in the default program settings, to set a program as the default, just click on the left side of the program, and then click on the right side of the “set to default value” can be

If your computer installed multiple browsers, you need to set IE as the default, as long as the left click on the IE browser, and then click on the right side of the operation can be set to the default program. Set up after the completion of the browser in the future, the default is IE.