Our tech team is established by a group of computer experts who are specialized in solving almost all the computer infection issues. The only purpose of creating Tipsforfixpc.com is to give a hand to all computer users who fight with computer threats. All the tutorials on this site are professional and effective on removing threats such as adware, ransomware, hijacker, trojan and other forms of PC infections.

As we all know, Internet has become more and more dangerous for PC users since computer viruses and malware are created every second by hackers who aim to earn money illegally. When you install a freeware, an Adware can be installed silently to harass you; when you click a ads on third party websites, Trojan has chance to attack your system; when you open a attachments on spam emails, Ransomware can be activated to lock your files and force you to pay ransom fees. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn more knowledge on securing your system as well as fighting against computer infections.

With our rich experience and professional technology and knowledge on computers, we can help you solve all kinds of system problems easy and safely.